Stamp Collection

A Stamp For Every Country


I started with the Smithsonian "A Stamp for Every Country" album pages and made some alterations to correct a few errors, delete stamps that I believe are redundant, move a few things around, and expand the number of stamps by approximately 25 percent to more fully illustrate the progression of the political development of the countries.

North America

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South America

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Other Entities

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Challenges (high value and/or heavily faked stamps)

North America (3)


British Columbia and Vancouver Island #5 or #6 $250 CV
British Columbia and Vancouver Island #7 $110 CV
British Columbia and Vancouver Island #8 $160 CV

South America (5)


Argentina - Cordoba #1 $150 CV - counterfeits plentiful
Argentina - Corrientes #3,5.6. or 8 $3 CV - reprints plentiful
Argentina - Buenos Aires #10 $30 CV - reprints plentiful


Granadine Confederation #1-12 $55 CV - forgeries exist
United States of New Grenada #13-18 $175 CV - Forgeries exist

Europe (12)


Russian Dominion Scott #1 $250 - counterfeits exist


Scott 1-8 $1 - counterfeits abound

Eastern Rumelia

Scott 20-40 $23 - counterfeits plentiful


Scott 5-6 $17 - watch for counterfeits


Romania #9 $175


Bergedorf #3-5 $20 - counterfeits and $1 reprints
Bremen #4 - $60
Mecklenburg-Strelitz #5-6 - $40


Parma #3 or #11 - $90
Romagna #1 or #2 - $30 - several reprints
Tuscany #19 $75 - dangerous counterfeits
Two Sicilies - Sicily #13 $120

Africa (3)

Spanish Morocco

Tetuan $4 - counterfeits plentiful

Griqualand West

#4-102 $7 - beware of forgeries


#21,33,39,41 - lots of forgeries and reprints

Asia (9)


#14-18 - $14 - excellent counterfeits


Dungarpur #24-25 $100
Jammu & Kashmir #8, 11 - $7 - lots of forgeries/reprints
Jammu & Kashmir #63,65,67-69 - $3 - lots of forgeries/reprints
Nandgaon #1 - $10 - forgeries sold in sheetlet
Soruth #8 - $14 - official imitations printed


#12 or maybe #14 - $58 - excellent counterfeits

Annam and Tonkin

#1-3 - $35 easy to fake

Cochin China

#2 OR 3 - easy to fake

Oceania (1)

Mariana Islands

#1-6 - $175 - overprint forgeries exist

Antarctica (2)

New Zealand

King Edward Land #121a - $65 - easy to fake
Victoria Land #131d - $70 - easy to fake

BOB (7 - plus 3 I just haven't located yet)

Japan offices in Korea #2,5,10,11 - $5 - counterfeits
Madagascar - British Consular Mail - #45 or 46 - $115
Mexico - Yucatan - #1 - $10 (just haven't found yet)
Nicaragua - 2L48-55 - $1 (just haven't found yet)
Venezuela - Carupano $1,3,7,9-13 - $27 - dangerous counterfeits
Hong Kong - N1-N2 - $13 - easy to fake
Far Eastern Republic - N1-N4 - $20 - counterfeit overprints
Malaya - 2N1-6 - $14 (just haven't found yet)
Japan - M3 - $16 - excellent forgeries exist
Ukraine - M1-M10 (M7 cheapest at $15) - $15 - forged surcharges


Detailed Analysis of the original pages and the panels that inspired them

  • North America - 71 original - 90 expanded (currently missing 3 high value Canadian Province stamps)
    • NOTE: There were only 70 stamps on the panels because El Salvador was missing!
    • ERROR: Moved Guatemala out of the Caribbean
    • ERROR: Moved Bermuda out of the Caribbean
    • DISCUSSION: You might argue that the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos do not border the Caribbean Sea, but the Lucayan Archipelago that contains them is considered a part of the Caribbean region.
    • DISCRETION: Moved Greenland to Europe based on several suggestions
    • Canada
      • Changed Canada from "1851-Present" to "1868-Present" since first Dominion stamps not issued until 1868 (Canada #21). THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT FOR OUR FRIENDS IN THE GREAT WHITE NORTH! Canada is listed as 1868-Present because 1868 was when the first Dominion stamp was issued. We know the Dominion was established in 1867. We hope you don't think the U.S. was established in 1847!
      • Added space for British Province of Canada - pre-Dominion Ontario and Quebec (Canada #1-20).
      • Added a space for United Crown Colony of British Columbia and Vancouver Island. (Scott 8-18)
      • Changed dates for British Columbia and Vancouver Island to 1865 only. BC&VI #2, issued 1860, could have been used in either province.
      • Re-ordered entries to reflect order of entry into Dominion of Canada (ON/QC/NB/NS, BC, PEI, NL).
      • Changed "Precedent Countries" to "Precedent Provinces".
      • DISCUSSION: It appears that the Smithsonian album treats the British Province of Canada as the "original" Canada with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joining later. I took the approach that the British Province of Canada joined with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to create the Dominion of Canada. Regarding British Columbia and Vancouver Island, they could be treated as a single entry, as two separate entries (as Smithsonian did), or with the addition of the United Crown Colony of British Columbia and Vancouver. I opted for the latter, but it seems to be a matter of personal preference.
    • Mexico - promoted Maximilian Empire (Scott 18-34) from BOB and added Second Republic (Scott 1-17)
    • Cuba - added pre-Revolution republic and Spanish West Indies
    • St. Kitts - added separate postal administrations
    • Added two examples of West Indies Federation stamps and one example of Leeward Islands stamp
    • Expanded from "Colony to Independence" to "Colony to Associated State to Independence" in several places
    • I tried to find a good place to split Central American countries that were independent before 1900. The idea was to recognize them as "Banana Republics" early on when the CIA was repeatedly interfering in their governments, and then recognize the point where they became truly independent and self-sustaining, but those lines are so blurred, and there is more than one country currently on a path back to a "Banana Republic." I finally gave up and settled for one stamp from most Central American countries.
    • CARIBBEAN - Smithsonian typically used change from Colony to Associated State for break, but used Independence for Antigua instead due to name change. I decided to include both breaks:
      • Anguilla - Anguilla claimed independence in 1967 , and started issuing stamps (Scott #1-401), but Britain did not recognize the claim and continued to issue stamps including the name Anguilla with the St. Kitts/Nevis issues. In 1980 Anguilla became a separate Crown Colony (now British Overseas Territory). Stamps #402 and up cover the latter period.
      • Antigua and Barbuda - removed note under ANTIGUA 1862-1981. It was a remnant from Aruba listing and not applicable.
        • Presidency of Leeward Islands Colony until 1956 (Antigua #1 - 121 should be considered local stamps)
        • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (Antigua #122 - 124; 125 - 128 uncertain)
        • British Colony until 1967 (Antigua #129 -185)
        • Associated State Feb-27-1967 (Antigua #186 - 632)
        • Independent Country ** Nov-1-1981 (Antigua #633 and up)
        • Barbuda stamps were all local stamps
      • Aruba - became Constituent Country Jan-1-1986. Previously part of Netherlands Antilles (see Curaçao).
      • Bahamas
        • British Colony until Jan-7-1964 ** (Scott #1 - 184)
        • Internal Autonomy until July-10-1973 (Scott #185 - 347)
        • Independent State (Scott #348 and up)
      • Barbados
        • British Colony until Nov-30-1966 (Scott #1 - 289)
        • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#248 - 250)
        • Independent State (Scott #290 and up)
      • Bermuda - British Overseas Territory.
      • British Virgin Islands - British Overseas Territory.
      • Cayman Islands - British Overseas Territory.
      • Cuba
        • Spanish West Indies (Cuba 1-3,9-14,17-21,32-34,35A-37,39-41,43-45,47-49,51-53, and 55-57 were also used in Puerto Rico).
        • Spanish Dominion (Cuba #71 - 175) Scott #58 - 70 were just for Cuba, but still had "Ultramar" (overseas) instead of "Cuba" on them.
        • US Administration - this probably should be in BOB Occupation stamps
          • US Administration (Cuba #176 - 226A)
          • US Military Rule (Cuba #227 - 231)
        • Republic (Cuba #232 - 612)
        • People's Republic Jan-1-1959 - the name may not have changed, but it might as well have (Scott #613 and up)
      • Curaçao
        • Curaçao and Dependencies Dutch Colony (Netherlands Antillies #1 - 205)
        • Netherlands Antillies (Scott #206 - 231) Name changed on stamps after 1948, but official change was Dec-15-1954. These stamps are in a grey area and should likely be avoided.
        • Netherlands Antillies (Scott #232 and up)
        • Curaçao - Constituent Country Oct-10-2010 (Scott #1 and up)
      • Danish West Indies - obsolete
      • Dominica
        • British Colony until Mar-1-1967 ** (Scott #1 - 210)
        • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#161 - 163)
        • Associated State until Nov-3-1978 (Scott #211 - 583)
        • Independent State (Scott #584 and up)
      • Dominican Republic - Republic since 1821
      • Grenada
        • British Colony (Scott #1 - 236) except:
          • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#184 - 186; 187 - 189 uncertain)
        • Associated State Mar-3-1967 (Scott #237 - 527)
        • Independent Country Feb-7-1974 (Scott #528 and up)
      • Guadeloupe - overseas region of France
      • Guatemala moved to CENTRAL AMERICA where it belongs
      • Haiti - Republic since 1859
      • Jamaica
        • British Colony (Scott #1 - 174)
        • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#175 - 177; 178 - 180 uncertain)
        • Independent Country Aug-6-1962 (Scott #181 and up)
      • Martinique - overseas region of France
      • Montserrat - added Leeward Islands stamp and note. Leeward Islands was the Colony and the collective islands were Presidencies. However, the Presidencies also issued stamps, so the Leeward Island stamp is lost in this collection. I added it as a Precedent Country to Montserrat with a note that the Leeward Island countries included Antigua, BVI, Dominica (until 1940), and St. Kitts/Nevis/Anguilla.
        • British Colony
        • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#143 - 145)
        • Still a British Overseas Territory
      • Nevis - is still part of St. Kitts, but they set up their own postal administration. Prior to 1980, see St. Kitts.
      • Puerto Rico - obsolete
      • St. Kitts
        • St. Christopher 1870-1890 (Scott #1 and up)
        • Leeward Islands (see Montserrat)
        • St. Kitts-Nevis (Scott #1 - 106) would be local stamps of Leeward Islands
        • St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla (St. Kitts-Nevis #107 - 134) is just a name change - still local stamps (#135 is an exception)
        • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (St. Kitts-Nevis #136 - 138; 139 - 142 uncertain)
        • St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla (St Kitts-Nevis #143 - 181)
        • St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla Associated State Feb-27-1967 (St. Kitts-Nevis #182 and up)
        • St. Kitts - Independent postal administration starting 1980 (St. Kitts # 25 - 111)
        • St. Kitts Independent Country Sep-19-1983 (St. Kitts #112 and up)
      • St. Lucia
        • British Colony (Scott #1 - 213) except:
          • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#170 - 172; 173 - 178 uncertain)
        • Associated State Mar-1-1967 (Scott #215 - 455)
        • Independent Country Feb-22-1979 (Scott #456 and up)
      • St. Martin - became Constituent Country Oct-10-2010. Previously part of Netherlands Antilles (see Curaçao).
      • St. Vincent
        • British Colony (Scott #1 - 275) except:
          • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#198 - 200)
        • Associated State Oct-27-1969 (Scott #276 - 568)
        • Independent Country Oct-27-1979 (Scott #569 and up)
        • St. Vincent Grenadines stamps are local issues
      • Trinidad & Tobago
        • British Colony of Trinidad (Trinidad #1 - 73)
        • British Colony of Tobago (Tobago #1 - 30)
          • Joined with Trinidad in 1889
          • Became a ward of Trinidad Jan-1-1899.
        • Combined British Colony of Trinidad and Tobago
          • Trinidad
          • Tobago
          • Trinidad and Tobago (Scott #1 - 104) except:
            • West Indies Federation Jan-3-1958 to May-31-1962 (#86 - 88; 89 - 104 uncertain)
        • Associated State Aug-31-1962 (Scott #105 - 259)
        • Republic Aug-1-1976 (Scott #260 and up)
      • Turks & Caicos - British Overseas Territory.
  • South America - 20 original (sane as panels) - 29 expanded
    • Reprinted all pages using font color #9933CC (lavender) instead of the faint yellow in the original PDF file.
    • Changed name from Surinam to Suriname
    • Added Constituent country to Suriname
    • Expanded Columbia to include 3 precedent countries and six Columbian States. (All state issues are pre-Republic except Boyaca which didn't issue a stamp before August 4, 1886. A post-revolution stamp for Boyaca is shown simply for completeness).
    • Moved Falkland Islands to Antarctica
  • Europe - 133 or 134 original (Page 26 has a space for a stamp that makes no sense and is not on panel. Also see SAAR GERMAN ADMINISTRATION note below) - 192 expanded
    • NOTE: Panels have 133 spaces, but two Swiss cantons are missing and two spaces are for showing the reverse of these stamps:
      • Smithsonian shows front and reverse of Russia 140 for "Provisional Government - Civil War 1917"
      • Smithsonian shows front of Latvia 99 and reverse of Latvia 97 for "Latvia 1918-1940"
    • Cyprus is geographically in Asia, but politically in Europe. Smithsonian placed Cyprus in Asia. I moved it to Europe.
    • ERROR: USSR and a few other Russia precedent countries are listed under Romania in the Smithsonian pages. That error is corrected in the panels.
    • ERROR: SAAR GERMAN ADMINISTRATION is listed twice on page 35. According to the panels, the second instance should not be there.
    • DISCREPANCY: I place a stamp within the physical location it now occupies, so Danzig is part of Poland instead of Germany even though it was German territory when the stamps were issued. That leads to these changes:
      • Danzig moved from Germany to Poland
      • Transcaucasian Federated Republics moved from Russia to Armenia/Azerbaijan/Georgia
      • Fiume moved from Italy to Croatia
      • Thrace - Smithsonian has Thrace listed in Turkey and Greece. In this case both listings are the same (1913-1920). Indeed, Smithsonian used Scott #3 in the panel for Turkey and Scott #4 in the panel for Greece, both of which are from the same issue. The area called Thrace was divided among Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece, but with the Congress of Berlin in 1878, Northern Thrace was incorporated into Eastern Rumelia, and hence Bulgaria in 1885-1886, so by 1913 it was just divided between Turkey and Greece. I see no reason for the duplication so I deleted the stamp under Turkey. I could have just as easily deleted the stamp under Greece. IMPORTANT NOTE: Thrace MUST be Scott #1-33 to properly fill this space. N1-N84 are Occupation stamps, an example of which can be found on page 124.
      • Eastern Rumelia - Smithsonian has Eastern Rumelia in Turkey and Greece
        • Eastern Rumelia 1880-1885 in Turkey is likely intended to cover Scott catalog numbers 1-19 and should therefore be 1880-1884.
        • Eastern Rumelia 1885-1920 is likely intended to cover Scott catalog numbers 20-40 when the area was renamed South Bulgaria. The date of 1920 makes no sense. Scott 20-40 were all issued in 1885. Maybe the Smithsonian authors inadvertently wandered into Eastern Silesia in the Scott catalog and found 1920?
        • I placed both Eastern Rumelia 1880-1884 and South Bulgaria 1885 under Bulgaria since that area has been a part of Bulgaria since the Treaty of Bucharest in 1886.
    • DISCRETION: Moved Saar League of Nations Administration from BOB to Germany to be with other Saar stamps
    • DISCRETION: Greenland moved here from North America
    • DISCRETION: Cyprus moved here from Asia
    • DISCRETION: Moved Aland to Northern Europe from BOB
    • DISCRETION: Moved Memel to Lithuania from BOB
    • DISCRETION: I broke Europe down differently as:
      • Eastern
      • Northern (Baltics and Nordic countries)
      • Southeastern (Balkans)
      • Western (West of Iron Curtain)
    • DISCRETION: Panels don't have Switzerland Cantons! That's right, the 3 most expensive stamps in this entire collection aren't even on the panels at the Smithsonian. Geneva has an envelope stamp used as an adhesive (2LU1) and Zurich and Basel simply have a note to "See Treasures of the World" collection. If Smithsonian thinks that's adequate then I will use Switzerland B131b, B132a, and B607a reprints in those spaces and hereby add the following message: For the actual Swiss Canton stamps, see the "Treasures of the World" exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. There, I fixed it!
    • Bulgaria - added Principality, Kingdom, and People's Republic
    • Czech Republic - added Czechoslovak Republic and Czech and Slovak Federative Republic
    • Hungary - added Monarchy, First Republic, Soviet Republic, Kingdom, Second Republiuc, People's Republic
    • Poland - added Republic and People's Republic
    • Romania - added Principality, Kingdom, and People's Republic
      • Moldavia is Romania #1-10
      • Moldavia-Walachia is Romania #11-21
    • Finland - added Duchy
    • Great Britain - renamed United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Added United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as precedent country.
    • Iceland split into Danish Dependency, Kingdom, Republic
    • Ireland - added Irish Free State and Associated State
    • Lithuania - added Central Lithuania
    • Norway and Sweden - added one stamp from Norwegian Post and one from Swedish Post to represent the Kingdom of Scandinavia (1855-1905)
    • Albania - added First Republic, Independent State, and People's Republic
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina - the space for a stamp left of the vertical bar makes no sense on page 26 and the Smithsonian panel presents this country exactly the same way that I did.
    • Greece - added First Kingdom, First Republic, and Second Kingdom
    • Italy - added Kingdom
    • Added Kosovo and promoted UN Admin of Kosovo from page 129 of BOB but that makes my addition of UNTAET to that section inconsistent (see discussion under "International Organizations")
    • Changed Macedonia to North Macedonia and added Macedonia (1992-2019) as a precedent country
    • Malta - added Associated State
    • Portugal - added Empire
    • Spain - added First Kingdom, First Republic, Second Kingdom, Second Republic, and Spanish State (Franco Era)
    • Serbia - added Kingdom and Republic
    • Austria - added Empire
    • Germany - split current era between West Germany and Reunified Germany, added Third Reich and post WWII Germany before East/West GDR/FRG spilt. Also added Empire and Weimar Republic
  • Africa - 191 original - 244 expanded (plus a se-tenant pair in English and Afrikaans not included in count)
    • NOTE: Panels also 191
    • ERROR: Equatorial Guinea does not belong in Western Africa - moved to Central Africa
    • ERROR: There are several precedent countries that don't belong in Democratic Republic of the Congo:
      • Fernando Po Spanish Colony - belongs in Equatorial Guinea
      • Spanish Guinea - belongs in Equatorial Guinea
      • French Guinea - belongs in Guinea
      • Elobey, Annabon and Corisco -belongs in Equatorial Guinea
    • ERROR: There are two precedent countries that don't belong in Gabon:
      • French Equatorial Africa and French Congo belong in People's Republic of Congo (now just Republic)
    • ERROR: Bechuanaland belongs in South Africa, not Botswana
    • ERROR: Page 63 doesn't have a box for a modern stamp and has "Precedent Countries - Continued" while page 64 does have a box and doesn't have "continued"
    • DISCRETION: I moved Sudan to North Africa based on multiple suggestions
    • DISCRETION: I left Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan da Cunha in Western Africa but they could have just as easily gone elsewhere. However they do need to be together (see page 72)
    • Burundi - added Kingdom
    • Comoro Islands - added Associated state
    • Ethiopia -added Empire and Socialist Republic
    • Kenya - added British East Africa Company - Smithsonian only lists EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA PROTECTORATES as being issued in 1921, probably because only 1921 is listed for EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA PROTECTORATES at the beginning of KENYA, UGANDA, and TANZANIA in Scott, but there is a whole other listing under EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA PROTECTORATES in Volume 2, dated 1903-1919. I checked my Stanley Gibbons COMMONWEALTH AND BRITISH EMPIRE album and they have all of EAST AFRICA AND UGANDA PROTECTORATES together and dated 1903-1922. (S.G. has the last group as 1921-1922. Scott just has 1921). S.G also has the African colonies in a much more orderly presentation. I highly recommend this catalog. I picked up the 2005 edition of volume 1 (1840-1952) because I'm not concerned with prices and most of the really confusing parts of what became what in Africa was before 1950.
    • Madagascar - added Self Government, Malagasy Republic, and Democratic Republic. Also moved British Consular Mail to BOB (a rare demotion of a stamp)
    • Malawi - added Associated state
    • Mauritius - added Associated state
    • Seychelles - Split PRIOR COUNTRIES between Department of Mauritius 1890-1903 (1-48) and Crown Colony (52-342). It's unknown where Scott 49-51 would fall because they are just listed as 1903. Scott 1-48 (and maybe 49-51) could be considered local stamps because Seychelles was a part of Mauritius at that time. The split isn't obvious in Scott, but it is in S.G.
    • Somalia - added UN Trust Territory, Republic, and Somali Democratic Republic - Scott 1-169 is Italian Somalia, 170-241 is UN Trust Territory, 242-356 is Republic, 357-595 is the socialist Somali Democratic Republic, 596-606 are current Somalia. Everything after 606 is questionable (see note in Scott).
    • Tanzania - split Zanzibar into: British Protectorate, Independent State, and Republic. Also added United Republic of Tanganika and Zanzibar but there were no unified stamps issued so I added a local stamp from Tanganyika and one from Zanzibar during that period.
    • Zambia - instead of Northern Rhodesia 1925-1964 I split between 1925-1953 and 1963 since from 1954 to 1963 Northern Rhodesia was part of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. I just used 1963 for the later date since 1964 was only for a Postage Due issue that I generally don't consider.
    • Zimbabwe - split Southern Rhodesia the same way as Northern Rhodesia (above)
    • Central African Republic - added Ubangi-Shari
    • Peoples Republic of the Congo - changed to Republic of the Congo and made People's Republic, Republic, and Associated state as precedent countries. Moved French Congo and French Equatorial Africa here from Gabon
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo - added Katanga (for South Kasai - see BOB).
    • Egypt - added Kingdom, Republic, and UAR - proper stamps for UAR (when Syria still there) Egypt 436-535 (UAR start Feb 1, 1958; Syrian coup Sept 28, 1961). Later stamps just Egypt.
    • Libya - added Kingdom, LAR, and Socialist People's LAR
    • Morocco - added Southern Zone and Northern Zone, split Tangier International City into British, French, and Spanish offices, added Sherifian Post - A1 - A14 is the Sherifian Post, or the Royal Postal and Telecommunications Administration (Administration Cherifienne Postes, Télégraphes et Téléphones) 1-24 is the Southern Zone. See also Northern Zone after Postage Due.
    • Tunisia - added Kingdom
    • South Africa - split modern between Apartheid and post-Apartheid, added Transvaal
    • Swaziland - added Associated state
    • Ascension - combined Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan da Cunha on one page (see St. Helena)
    • Benin - added People's Republic
    • Ivory Coast - used English spelling and added Associated state
    • Gambia - added Associated state
    • Ghana - added Associated state
    • Mali - moved Senegambia and Niger to far right (like it is on panel) and split French Sudan using two stamps
    • Nigeria - added Biafra
    • St. Helena - showed one stamp each for St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha after they each became individual British Overseas Territories, one each from Ascension and Tristan da Cunha when they were Dependencies, one from St. Helena when it was St. Helena and Dependencies (1922-2009), and one for just St. Helena (1856-1922).
    • Sierra Leone - added Associated state
    • Togo - promoted British Protectorate from BOB
    • Tristan da Cunha - combined Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan da Cunha on one page (see St. Helena)
  • Asia - 185 original (including the duplicate of Thrace - same as panels) - 215 expanded
    • ERROR: Mongolia belongs in Eastern Asia, not Southern Asia
    • ERROR: Sri Lanka belongs in Southern Asia, not Eastern Asia
    • ERROR: Changed "Travancore Anchel" to just "Travancore" since "Anchel" or "Anchal" just means postal service
    • DISCRETION: I moved Iran to Western Asia
    • DISCRETION: Indo-China, Annam and Tonkin, and Cochin China belong under Vietnam. This may be an ERROR, especially the last two.
    • DISCRETION: Moved Timor Portuguese Territory from Indonesia to East Timor
    • DISCRETION: Turkey - deleted Thrace (duplicated in Greece) and Eastern Rumelia (moved to Bulgaria)
    • Afghanistan - added Kingdom
    • India - added Dominion and added Dungarpur to Feudatory States
    • Iran - added Persia and Monarchy
    • Maldive Islands - added Associated state
    • Nepal - added Kingdom
    • Pakistan - added Dominion and Las Bela
    • Cambodia - added early Cambodia, Khmer Republic, and People's Republic of Kampuchea
    • Indonesia - added Associated state and United States of Indonesia. Also move West Irian here (see DISCRETION under Oceania) which also resolves duplicate of Netherlands New Guinea on pages 88 and 108.
    • Laos - added Kingdom
    • Malaysia - split North Borneo into British North Borneo Company and North Borneo Colony, split Sarawak between Brooke Rajas and Sarawak Colony
    • NOTE: Pay close attention to the dates on the Federated Malay States since most of them were issued later as local stamps! This caution includes Sarawak.
    • Singapore - added Associated state
    • Thailand - add Siam
    • Timor-Leste - change to English spelling "East Timor"
    • Vietnam - added State of Vietnam
    • Armenia - added Republic and SSR, also added note to see Transcaucasian Federated Republic under Georgia
    • Azerbaijan - added Republic and SSR, also added note to see Transcaucasian Federated Republic under Georgia
    • Georgia - added Republic and SSR, also moved Transcaucasian Federated Republic here from Russia. I had considered moving Batum here from BOB (page 126) but decided against it.
    • Iraq - added Kingdom
    • Kuwait - split British Protectorate between British Postal administration, Indian Postal administration, and Iraqi Postal administration.
    • Kyrgyzstan - added KYRGYZ EXPRESS POST to recognize the co-equal postal services there (similar to Bosnia)
    • Oman - added British postal administration
    • Syria - added Independent Republic and Kingdom
    • Turkey - added Empire
  • Oceania - 66 original (including duplicate of Netherlands New Guinea - same as panels) - 78 expanded
    • Reprinted all pages using font color #63670E (olive green) instead of the pea green in the original PDF file.
    • CLARIFICATION: Guam - Mariana Islands is vague. I split it between Spanish Mariana Islands and Northern (German) Mariana Islands because only Scott #1-6 are for the Mariana Islands that included Guam, so only one of those stamps can be a precedent country for Guam! When Germany took over in 1900, Guam had been split out.
    • DISCRETION: I put West Irian (aka Western New Guinea, aka West Papua) in Asia since it is part of Indonesia. That resolves the duplicate of Netherlands New Guinea on pages 88 and 108. Papua New Guinea to the east is the beginning of Oceania for my purposes.
    • Papua New Guinea - added Papua and New Guinea, then added Name change and self government
    • Solomon Islands - added Associated state
    • Marshall Islands - added Trust Territory
    • Micronesia - added Trust Territory
    • Palau - added Trust Territory
    • Cook Islands - added New Zealand territories of Rarotonga and Cook Islands. Also added British Protectorate
    • French Ploynesia - added French Oceania
    • Tonga - added Kingdom and British Protectorate
    • Tuvalu - added Crown Colony
  • Antarctica - 13 original (same as panels) - 15 expanded
    • DISCRETION: Moved Falkland Islands here to be with Dependencies
    • Split Falkland Island Dependencies between 1946-1956 when all British territory was included and 1980-1985 when only territories North of 60 degrees were included.
  • Other Entities - added section title to every page. Smithsonian did it by accident on page 122 and I liked the idea!
    • Offices Abroad - 15 original (same as panels) - 16 expanded
      • ERROR: Libya is spelled "Lybia" on page 120
      • added Russia offices in Turkish Empire
    • Local Stamps - 21 original (not counting Italian offices on page 121 which is a duplicate - see page 120) - 24 expanded
      • NOTE: Panels only have 21 stamps, so nothing missing, Italian offices is just a duplicate
      • Promoted Aland to Finland
      • Italy - Italian offices in Jerusalem is a duplicate from page 120 and not on the panels
      • Madagascar - British Consular Mail was demoted to this page (a rare demotion)
      • Malaysia - added a local stamp from Sarawak after it joined to form Malaysia
      • St. Vincent Grenadines - added loacl stamp
      • Zanzibar - added Zanzibar local stamp after Tanzania was formed from Zanzibar and Tanganika
    • Occupations - 32 original (same as panels) - 32 expanded (no change)
      • NOTE: Smithsonian used 1N3 Austrian occupation of Montenegro during WWI, but that stamp was never issued! Might as well just use 1N4 that only costs $1.90 if 1N3 is OK!
      • Promoted French occupation of Mexico to North America
      • Added French occupation of Libya after WWII (Fezzan Ghadames)
      • CAUTION: The subtitle under RUSSIA on page 127 is: "Russian occupation before WWI" but it doesn't say occupation of what. The panels are no more explicit but the stamp they use is Latvia 2N36. Latvia 2N1-2N36 were issued in 1919, so the subtitle should be: Russian occupation of Latvia after WWI. (If they intended for it to be Russian occupation of Latvia before WWII they would have used 2N45-2N57).
    • International Organizations - 15 original (same as panels) - 16 expanded
      • promoted Memel to Lithuania
      • promoted League of Nations Administration of the Saar to Germany
      • added Palestinian Authority
      • added United Nations Transitional Authority in East Timor (UNTAET)
      • added WWI ALLIED POWERS - Versailles Treaty Plebiscite in Upper Silecia
    • Military Stamps - 21 original (same as panels) - 22 expanded
      • added AUSTRIA - Austro-Hungarian military in occupied territories during WWI
  • Total - 780 original - 973 expanded
    • NOTE: The total of 780 is based on a total of 785 spaces for stamps minus the following:
      • The space to the left of the vertical bar for Bosnia makes no sense, and in fact the original Smithsonian panels do not have that space.
      • Saar German Administration was listed twice on page 35 but only once on the panels.
      • Thrace was listed twice (pages 28 and 101)
      • Netherlands New Guinea was listed twice (pages 88 and 108)
      • Italian Offices in Jerusalem was listed twice (pages 120 and 121).
      • One APPARENT duplicate isn't really a duplicate:
        • Eastern Rumelia under Turkey was for Scott #1-19.
        • Eastern Rumelia under Bulgaria was for Scott #20-40 when the name changed to South Bulgaria.
        • However, I placed both under Bulgaria.

Technical Details

Smithsonian pages printed on 67 lb (147 g/m2) Neenah Exact® Vellum Bristol White cardstock, three-hole punched, corners rounded with 3/8" radius corner cutter (to match White Ace), and holes reinforced on back side with Avery® 1/4" hole Reinforcement labels. Changed color on the Index page and on the detail pages for South America from the faint yellow in the original PDF file to a more readable #9933CC. Changed the color on the Oceania pages to a darker shade of yellow-green #63670E to make them more legible after printing.

When creating new pages, here is what I did:

  • Convert Smithsonian PDF document to individual PNG pages. (There are various ways of doing that).
    • Resolution = 200
    • Width = 2000
    • Height = 1545
    • Background = #FFFFFF
  • The conversion program I used compressed the right side of the image. I had to cut and paste the right side vertical bar, continent, and page number, then shift all that 40 pixels to the right, to get my new pages to line up with those printed directly from the PDF file.
  • Overwrite or add text using the Myriad Pro font #333333. If you don't have that, Arial is close.
  • Start with font sizes below, but adjust size and Horizontal scale as needed to fit existing font as near as possible.
    • Continent sub-area - 56 px with 106% kerning
    • Country name - 44 px
    • Country year - 26 px
    • "Precedent countries" - 14 px BOLD
    • Sub-Country name 26-30 px #333333
    • Sub-Country year 18-22 px #333333
    • Sidebar 28 px BOLD
    • Page number 36 px
  • Colors
    • North America - #018A57
    • South America - #9933CC
    • Europe - #F5970E
    • Africa - #B31E2E
    • Asia - #006DAA
    • Oceania - #63670E (darker shade of original: #A3AA16)
    • Antarctica - #3F4B9C
    • Other - #59584D

When creating images for web pages:

  • Scan page at 200 dpi
  • Flip canvas 90° CW to landscape orientation
  • Modify image size to height = 929 px with width dimension relative
  • Trim canvas width to 1199 px
  • Create 80% compression JPEG image for zoom view
  • Resize to 168x130 px
  • Create 80% compression JPEG thumbnail image