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The first 3 pages of the Regular Issues album are shown below. I start out with a Preface and Introduction that describes the collecting philosophy, provide an example of an 1836 stampless cover from Greensburgh to Franklin County, Kentucky, and then provide examples of a Postmaster's Provisional, Carrier Stamp, Local Delivery Stamp, and Independant Mail Route Stamp.

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Regular Issues - 1847-1972


See philosophy for details on what is, and what is not, included. All se-tenant blocks and coil strips are in Scott Number Order (SNO). Many times when the blocks and singles are both shown on a White Ace page, the singles are not in SNO, but I didn't bother correcting those pages. It is sufficient that the block itself is in SNO. I generally tried to get a Plate Number Coil (PNC) strip in SNO for coils of se-tenant issues and full panes of booklet panes with se-tenant issues. (Se-tenant issues are stamps issued in panes, coils, or booklets with more than one design).

First Bureau

The watermark of each relevant stamp was printed on the album page before the stamp was mounted. An image of the blank album page is made available so you can see the watermark (or lack thereof) on pages 7 and 8.

Second Bureau

This is, without a doubt, the single most difficult era to define what belongs in the collection according to the philosophy. There were a few test marketed coils and a few sheets of 4c stamps sent imperforate to Schermack for a very limited use (314A). It was a painful decision to exclude the experimental government coils of the Second Bureau.

Third Bureau

Although with the Second Bureau it was hard to define what belonged in the collection according to the philosophy, the Third Bureau was also a challenge because of the sheer volume of catalog numbers.Click here for link to spreadsheet I used for Third Bureau .

  • Kansas City Roulettes were imperforate sheets of #408 and #409 rouletted (scored with dashed lines) to make the stamps more salable in the Kansas City Post Office. Although difficult to categorize, my initial reaction was they don't warrant inclusion because:
    • If they are considered imperforates, there are already examples of these issues imperforate (481 and 482) on page 11a.
    • If they are considered perforation variations, there are already examples of these issues perforated (498 and 499) on page 10.
    • If they are considered a third-party perforation - those are excluded from this collection anyway.
    But I finally did decide to include them because of their historic relevance and because they were approved by the Post Office Department (albeit after the fact, in some cases). It was that approval that swung the pedulum in favor of approval. For that reason, these will be the only Post Office applied roulettes to be included.

  • #505 (5c red error - perf 11) is included because it fits the collection philosophy. #467 (perf 10) isn't needed because it's a perforation variety. #485 is an imperforate of the 5c red error, but is not included in this collection because it's the plate error being documented, not the perf/imperf variations. This is consistent with the treatment of type varieties that are issued both perforated and imperforate from the same plates.


  • #356
  • #409 Kansas City Roulette

A Note on Catalog Numbers

The following catalog numbers are not even referenced as an option to fill a space:

      1. Reprints of demonetized issues
             3, 4, 40-47, 102-111 – not valid for postage when printed – CV $50K
      2. Reprints of 1869 issue: Catalog # 123-132 – CV $14K
      3. Reprints of 1873 issue: Catalog # 167-177 – CV $168K
      4. Reprints of 1875 issue: Catalog # 180-181 – CV $500K
    2. SPECIAL PRINTINGS OF 1880-1885
      1. Reprint of 1869 issue: Catalog # 133
      2. Reprints of 1880 issue: Catalog # 192-204 – CV $850K
      3. Other: Catalog # 205C, 211B, 211D – CV $125K
  2. MISSING CATALOG NUMBERS:  Catalog #48-62, 66, 74 – not listed in catalog
  3. EXOTIC GRILLS (all but F GRILLS): Catalog # 79-91 – CV $7M+
  4. H GRILLS: Catalog # 134-144 – very faint and heavily faked
  5. I GRILLS: Catalog # 134A-144A – very faint and heavily faked
    1. 4c Schermack: Catalog # 314A – never issued over the counter – CV $50K
    2. Experimental coils: Catalog # 316-318, 321-322 – CV $300K
  7. 1914 Compound Perforations: Catalog # 423A-423E – CV $65K+
    1. Harding Memorial sheet waste: Catalog #613 – CV $45K
    2. John Paul Jones third perf variety: Catalog #1789B – CV $3,500
  9. Catalog # 1590A is not missing. It’s part of booklet pane 1623Bc on page R28a


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Banknote details
7¢ to 15¢

(24¢, 30¢, and 90¢ only varied by paper).

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Regular Issues - 1973 - 1999

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Regular Issues - 2000 - 2014 (end of collection)

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END OF COLLECTION (12-31-2014)