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Dansco 7070 Type Set Album


This is definitely the most interesting part of my U.S. collection. There are a lot of interesting denominations and designs! The optional page for gold pieces is a challenge. The total weight of the coins needed to complete it is approximately 3.725 ounces. The Eagles and Double Eagles are over 75% of the total gold content for that page, so I plan to set a little bit of money aside each week and buy when gold prices dip. Those coins are very sensitive to fluctuations in gold prices. The smaller coins, especially the gold dollars, seem to be relatively unaffected by gold prices and thus a good buy when gold prices are up.

My target is gold below $1200 per ounce, so I hope to be ready to score at least ONE big shiny if and when that happens.


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page 1 - obverse
page 1 - reverse
page 2 - obverse
page 2 - reverse
page 3 - obverse
page 3 - reverse
page 4 - obverse
page 4 - reverse
page 5 - obverse
page 5 - reverse
page 6 - obverse
page 6 - reverse