Coin Collection

Collecting Philosophy


My coin collecting philosophy is simple because coin collecting is a secondary hobby to stamp collecting for me. I still wanted a collection that had some semblance of inclusiveness, but also provided the opportunity for completion. Like many, I started with a Lincoln penny collection as a child and collected some mint and proof sets as an adult. I though about pushing the pennies back to Indians, but then discovered the Dansco Type Set album. What a great way to show examples of earlier coins without breaking the bank! That was it until I saw a Dansco Jefferson nickle album that went through 2005. I had an old Whitman folder with nickels through 1964 my father collected and then neglected. The silver war nickels were out of his pocket from when he served in World War II. He died in 2005, so it seemed a fitting tribute to move the coins into a nicer Dansco album and complete the set through 2005. I was able to fill almost all of the holes by noodling them from circulation! After completing pennies and nickels, I couldn't help add dimes, quarters, and halves. I picked the series that was current in 1958 (when Wheat Pennies ended) and pushed back to the beginning of each series. That led me to Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, and Franklin halves.

After a lot of thought and research, I settled on these parameters for my collection:

  • Dansco 7070 Type Set
  • Complete set of circulation Lincoln Wheat pennies from 1909 through 1958. (My son collects circulation Memorial and Shield pennies).
  • Complete set of circulation Jefferson nickels from 1938 through 2005. (My son collects circulation nickels beginning with 2006 redesign).
  • Complete set of circulation Roosevelt dimes from 1946 to present (the only active circulation collection I have left).
  • Complete set of circulation Washington quarters from 1932 through 1998. (State quarters started in 1999. My son collects those and beyond.)
  • Complete set of circulation Franklin half dollars from 1948 through 1963. (Halves don't circulate these days, so my son does not collect modern halves).
  • All mint sets from 1959 to present.
  • All proof sets starting in 1968 when the S mint mark was used.
  • Fill in production coins missing from those sets
  • OFEC (One For Every Country) set based on the world circa 1980
  • I do NOT collect modern precious metal NCLT like silver proofs or bullion coins.

There were a few dilemmas, such as whether I needed a Mint AND Proof 1970S small date penny, but for the most part the decisions of what to include were fairly straightforward. (I finally decided to include the 1970S Proof set with small date penny since there were other S mint coins in both the Mint and Proof sets, such as 1968 nickel, 1970-74 cents, and 1980-81 Susan B Anthony dollars).

Here is what I added to the Mint and Proof sets to make a "complete" collection:

  • Mint Sets
    • 1960P and 1960D large and small date pennies
    • 1965 Special Mint Set
    • 1966 Special Mint Set
    • 1967 Special Mint Set
    • 1970S small date cent
    • 1971P and 1971D Eisenhower dollars (not in mint sets)
    • 1972P Eisenhower dollars (all 3 types)
    • 1972D Eisenhower dollar (not in mint sets)
    • 1979P Susan B Anthony dollar - wide rim / near date
    • 1982 pennies (7 different)
    • 1982 Souvenir Mint sets (P & D)
    • 1983 Souvenir Mint sets (P & D)
    • 1999P and 1999D Susan B Anthony dollars (not included in mint sets)
    • TBD: May need to include 1994P and 1997P satin finish nickels!
    • 2005-2010 non-satin mint coins.
    • 2012-2021 circulation strike S mint ATB quarters
    • NOTE: The 1976 Type I Ike is in the 1975 Mint set and the Type II Ike is in the 1976 Mint set.
    • NOTE: The 1996 Mint set included the W mint dime
  • Proof Sets
    • 1970S - two sets, one with large date penny ande one with small date penny
    • 1971S Eisenhower dollar ("brown" Ike - not in proof set)
    • 1972S Eisenhower dollar ("brown" Ike - not in proof set)
    • 1979S - two sets, one with filled S and one with clear S
    • 2007S Presidential dollars (some sets didn't include these)
    • NOTE: The 1976 Type I Ike is in the 1975 Proof set and the Type II Ike is in the 1976 Proof set.

My son currently is collecting from circulation:

  • Lincoln pennies beginning with 1959 Memorial design
  • Jefferson nickels beginning with 2006 redesigned obverse
  • not collecting dimes yet - waiting for a design change, Dad is still collecting dimes!
  • Washington quarters beginning with 1999 statehood quarters
  • Modern halves not found in circulation, so not collecting those
  • Modern dollar coins not found in circulation, so not collecting those