Coin Collection

Non-Satin Coins

From 2005 through 2010, Mint Sets contained coins with a special satin finish rather than the traditional uncirculated luster. Coins with the traditional luster were shipped in bags and rolls from the Mint. Since I collect Mint Sets, I needed the non-satin coins from 2005-2010. I was able to get most of them from circulation, but several coins (e.g. most halves and Sacagawea dollars) were not released to circulation, so they were purchased from rolls.

I created albums for those coins using 3 blank Dansco binders:

I put pennies, nickels and dimes into a 5/8" blank album with a 5/8" slip cover. The 3 pages are a blank penny page, a 21mm blank page, and an 18mm blank page. This cut down a LOT on the empty ports!

The quarters album is a 3/4" blank album and 3/4" slip cover with pages 4 and 5 from the State Quarters album, Dansco 7144 DC & Territorial page (available separately) and a blank DC and Territorial page (available separately). This last page was inserted upside-down after CAREFULLY removing the pre-printed lettering using Goof-Off (see note below).

The third album houses Kennedy halves, Sacagawea dollars, and Presidential dollars through Lincoln. I learned that NO Kennedy halves and very few Sacawagea dollars were released to circulation 2005-2010, but there were circulation strikes available from the Mint in rolls and coins that were different from the satin finish coins provided in Mint Sets. A 3/4" binder and slip case with one 30mm blank page, one blank Sacagawea page and two blank Presidential Dollars pages worked perfectly!

I used 1/4" Chartpak gold vinyl lettering on the spines and a Casio LABEL-IT! label maker with clear tape to create the port labels. Empty ports were blocked out by sliding strips of "pleather" from an old Dansco page on top of the clear viewing windows. In some cases (e.g. where reverse is shown on the nickels page), the port is blocked out only from the back side.


I want to add one note about using "Goof Off" to remove the printing from a Dansco page. It can be done, and you can see the results on the reverse side of the ATB Quarters page (look at the bottom and upper right where page designation is found - I didn't fully remove that because I realized it wouldn't show once the page was place in the album). However, you must use GREAT CARE! I suggest trying the page designation first. If you mess that up, no worries.

Apply 2 or 3 drops of Goof Off to the area with text, wait a second or two, and GENTLY wipe it off with a clean lint free cloth. Always wipe inward to the center of the text so you don't spread any ink beyond the original boundaries. If you ever detect the slightest stickiness, STOP! You are beginning to dissolve the brown pleather texture. It took me 20 to 30 GENTLE passes to remove the text from that page, and I always used a clean swatch from the lint-free rag for each iteration. BE PATIENT!

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pennies - obverse
pennies - reverse
nickels - obverse
nickels - reverse
dimes - obverse
dimes - reverse
quarters p1 - obverse
quarters p1 - reverse
quarters p2 - obverse
quarters p2 - reverse
quarters p3 - obverse
quarters p3 - reverse
quarters p4 - obverse
quarters p4 - reverse
halves - obverse
halves - reverse
Sacagawea - obverse
Sacagawea - reverse
Pres. Dollars p1 - obverse
Pres. Dollars p1 - reverse
Pres. Dollars p2- obverse
Pres. Dollars p2- reverse