Coin Collection



A great forum to discuss coins is Coin Community.

Most of the coins I bought were purchased on eBay or BidStart, through the Coin Community buy/sell/swap portal, or from Miller's Mint. All of my gold purchases thus far have been through APMEX.

Albums purchased from Dansco and Eagle Coin Holders.


  • Type Set (Dansco #7070) with optional Gold Page in a 1" Dansco Slipcase
  • Wheat Pennies (Dansco #7103) in a 3/4" Dansco Slipcase
  • Jefferson Nickels (Dansco #7113) in a 7/8" Dansco Slipcase
    • Page 5 replaced by custom page made from Dansco 21 mm page
  • Roosevelt Dimes (Dansco #7125) in a 3/4" Dansco Slipcase
  • Washington Quarters (Dansco #7140) in a 1-1/8" Dansco Slipcase
    • Page 7 includes examples of State Quarters, Territories and ATB Quarters
  • Franklin Halves (Dansco #7165) in a 5/8" Dansco Slipcase
    • Page 2 includes examples of Kennedy Silver and Kennedt clad half dollars
  • Non-Satin albums
    • 5/8" Dansco blank album in a 5/8" Dansco Slipcase with:
      • Dansco 36 port blank cents page
      • Dansco 16 port 21 mm blank page (for nickels)
      • Dansco 16 port 18 mm blank page (for dimes)
    • 3/4" Dansco blank album in a 3/4" Dansco Slipcase with:
      • Dansco Statehood quarters P&D pages 4 and 5
      • Dansco DC & US Territorial quarters P&D page
      • Dansco 12 port 24 mm blank page (for quarters)
    • 3/4" Dansco blank album in a 3/4" Dansco Slipcase with:
      • Dansco 12 port 30 mm blank page (for halves)
      • Dansco 16 port blank Sacagawea page
      • 2 each Dansco 16 port blank Presidential One Dollar pages
  • S Mint Quarters album - under construction - two Dansco 24 port blank Quarters pages so far
  • OFEC albums
    • 2 each Dansco 1-1/4" blank binders in 1-1/4" slipcases with:
      • Custom made preface and index pages on 67 lb (147 g/m2) card stock
      • Dansco 7000 12 pocket pages
  • Mint set albums - Eagle Coin Holders
  • Proof set albums - Eagle Coin Holders

Technical Details

Unused ports on the Dansco pages were blanked out using scrap strips of pleather torn from spare album pages.

The 2x2 coin holders in the Errors and Oddities album are from Eagle Coin Holders and labeled with a Casio KL-60 Label It! label printer using an XR-9X cartridge (black ink on clear tape) set at size = 1. This label printer was also used to create the labels for page 5 of the Jefferson Nickels album, and tab labels for the OFEC index pages.

I used a Jores Technologies FS-100 Impulse Sealer to seal coins and tokens in Saflip 2x2 and 2.5x2.5 double pocket coin flips, but all of those may be phased out. The idea worked very well, but I am upgrading from AU to MS so I'm getting slabbed coins. Where a sealed Saflip makes the most sense, that is what I will do.